One of the most important art towns of Tuscany and Italy owing to its monumental, artistic and historical value (in the Middle Ages it was one of the four great Marine Republics), Pisa is an enchanting town with a human dimension, and a pole of ancient cultural tradition.

Founded by the Ligurians and later inhabited by the Etruscans, Pisa was raised to the status of a city by the Romans, to whom the ancient part of the town owes the chequered layout of its urban plan. In the early Middle Ages, the town thrived and became an important commercial crossroads and a powerful Marine Republic.

Pisa's glorious and complex heritage offers its visitors bright lungarnos, tightly woven renaissance palazzos, a web of narrow medieval alleys and the green Piazza dei Miracoli, the site of the four Pisan Romanesque masterpieces: the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the campanile of the church, renown worldwide as the Leaning Tower, and the Monumental Cemetery.