Twenty kilometres from Borgoiano... we find Volterra, a jewel of Etruscan, Roman, medieval and renaissance art, stretches over a steep ridge, surrounded by rugged coves. Standing on a 550-metre hill, it dominates the entire Cecina valley up to the seashore.

An uncontaminated landscape, a quality of life still based on a human dimension, and an artistic craftsmanship that is truly unique worldwide: alabaster.

Volterra bears the mark of history, a continuous mark that runs for the Etruscan period to the 1800's. One can admire remarkable artistic and monumental evidences by simply walking through the roads of the historical city centre, but also visiting the three city museums: the Etruscan Museum, the Pinacoteca Civica, or Civic Picture Gallery and the Museum of Sacred Art.

Along with the evocative medieval walls that encircle the town, visitors can also admire the gates, maintained in an excellent state of conservation, which allowed access to the town.

Just outside the medieval walls, there is a large excavation area: the Roman Theatre, a construction dating back to end of the 1st century B.C.