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Cooking courses

The traditional cuisine of Tuscany, its old flavours. To keep alive our traditions and not forget the sensations of genuine Tuscan cuisine.

Imagine yourself sitting in a lovely village overlooking the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside enjoying a meal of unmatched culinary delight. This unparalleled feast of fresh local delicacies has been prepared by you with the help of one of this region's premier chefs, Andrea and his family. The fresh fare, accompanied by Tuscan wine, will be the culinary experience of a lifetime.

Tuscany cooking is simple but not easy
We believe good food does not need to be complicated. In fact, the best food is often the simplest. Our recipes and our cooking style reflect this fact. Fresh ingredients, treated simply and with respect, are the foundation of memorable meals. We believe food should be delicious, and every meal should be a celebration. So when you come to our kitchen, you will not only learn how to execute a menu; you will also learn how it should taste. Whether you're a casual cook or a dedicated enthusiast, once you spend time with Andrea, you'll understand it takes more than a recipe to prepare an authentic Italian meal (and why it's worth it).

A journey through the flavours of Tuscan cuisine
Together we will discover appetizers, the simplicity of italian soups, an enthusiasm for making fresh pasta, the goodness of our cakes and desserts and much more. You will be the protagonists and at the end of the lesson, comfortably seated in the restaurant, you can enjoy and judge the dishes you have prepared.