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Hot air ballon

Are you looking for adventure? A unique idea? Then you must experience the magic of a hot air balloon flight. Observing the beautiful land of Tuscany and the evocative Chianti landscape from a different perspective, feeling the biting, early-morning air, are just some of the extraordinary aspects of flying that you will experience.

The adventure starts by inflating the envelope on the ground, a moment that reflects all the charm of the flight. When the envelope is ready, it is time to hop into the basket and get your camera ready.

Flights last from 45 minutes to 1 hour and a half, and the gentle speed will allow you to snap beautiful pictures of unforgettable Tuscan landscapes, admire the red roofs of the towns and watch the animals run through the fields.

During the flight, you will learn more about the territory and its history from the Pilot. The flight ends with a gentle landing and, true to hot air ballooning tradition, you will be offered a glass of champagne to celebrate the successful flight.