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Trekking & Mountain Bike

Borgoiano, situated in the most westward part of the province of Florence, bordering on the province of Pisa, offers one of Tuscany's most evocative panoramas. Perched on a hill, 320 metres above sea level, it sits astride the valleys of the Era and Elsa Rivers.

The area has a typical hilly morphology: gentle hills, partly cultivated and partly covered by woodland, stretch as far as the eye can see. A web of trekking trails, some of which are also manageable by mountain-bike, crosses the landscape around Borgoiano. The routes are organised on six different trails, which follow the ancient network of farm roads and paths used by shepherds and woodcutters.

Progressive numbers on metal signs placed along the entire route and white and red signals mark the trails of different length and difficulty. At the beginning and at the end of each trail, there are signs indicating the starting and endpoints, manageability (on foot or by mountain-bike), length in km., difference in level and completion time (referred to an average walker).

The arboreal formations of this belt are comprised of conifers such as Aleppo pine and cluster pine, cypress and different species of oak, namely: Downy Oak, British Oak, Bay Oak and Turkey Oak, besides ilex, holly and laurel. Shrubs include heather, lentisk, myrtle, strawberry tree (with its distinctive, colourful fruits that stand out in the woods during the winter season), juniper and broom (with scented yellow flowers that bloom in May).

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